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Efficiently, effectively & safely, since 1983

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Brauteseth Blasting is a KwaZulu-Natal based group of companies that offer a drilling and blasting service to the mining, quarrying and construction industries.  


Currently we provide a rock on ground service to a number of quarries throughout KZN and the Eastern Cape. We have long term contracts with three open cast mines and a 50% joint venture at KZN’s largest open cast coal mine.

We pride ourselves on being a well-managed, financially astute group of companies who offer an efficient and effective service through the efforts of a stable and safe workforce.


Brauteseth Blasting is a level 2 BBBEE South African owned company.

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We have long term drilling, blasting and ROG contracts with open cast and coal mines in the KZN and Gauteng regions. We have the capabilities and resources to expand our drilling and blasting services within the open cast mining industry.


Quarry Services

 We provide a Rock on Ground service to a number of commercial quarries throughout KZN and the Eastern Cape. We pride ourselves on having established long term relationships through anticipating ROG needs and planning accordingly.


Civils, Drilling & Blasting

We provide drilling and blasting services to construction companies throughout South Africa for major road projects, water reticulation, dams and spillways, geotechnical support, bulk blasting for site levelling and more.


Explosives Sales

We are licenced to deal in explosives from our magazines in the Port Shepstone area. We have two 25 ton emulsion silos on our premises with two Mobile Mixing Units: a 17 ton unit and a 10 ton unit. We also have various temporary magazines.

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