Two Brauteseth Blasting rigs working on an open cast mine.

Our mining and explosives sales division is headed up by Chris Snyman and his dedicated team.

For close on two decades we have supplied services to two opencast mines in the marble delta. These services include contract drilling, a charge load and fire service and explosive sales which have culminated in rock on ground contracts with both of these mines. Both of which are currently in their second term.

In 2009 Brauteseth Blasting started working at a coal mining operation in KZN. By 2011, we had formed a JV with Sandton Plant Hire and we have been doing the drilling and blasting at this mine ever since.

We have recently signed a contract to do the drilling and blasting at another mine in the marble delta.

We believe that we have the capabilities and resources to pursue further opportunities to expand our drilling and blasting  services within the open cast mining industry.



Current Contracts